Speed birrell machine of decelerate of planet of expansion meeting was held successfully


After nearly a year of market open to booking, speed birrell fourth-generation products began to fully enter the market sales! On March 28, after 3 days of machine of decelerate of planet of promoting learning atmosphere in enterprising, joy and strong under the atmosphere of a complete end!

99彩票官网Three days, from product knowledge of machine of decelerate of planet of study to marketing training to mountain development; From listening to interaction, from sharing to discuss! Finally, from all over the country's elite sales return in said goodbye.

I wish you work smoothly, sales to last! The real good products to customers who really need!

Planetary reducer product introduction:

Speed birrell SPN... Series machine of decelerate of planet of the introduction of Italian European technology, is a one or two degree of freedom gear speed reducer gear train, is the current domestic and global series of high-grade planet products. The whole machine the parts are precision machining.

Use high strength ductile iron box body;

Inner ring gear for tempering and high temperature quenching;

Wheel round the sun and the planets are straight teeth, both for hardening treatment and grinding, and the tooth profile and helix modification;

Bevel gear for hardening treatment and grinding;

99彩票官网The main parts adopt 3 d design software, and the finite element analysis;

SPN。。。 Series of planetary reducer with 00 ~ 21, a total of 18 specifications, the transmission ratio: 3。4 ~ 5000, the input power: 0。09 ~ 540 kw, rated output torque: 1000 ~ 500000 nm。

99彩票官网SPN... Series of products structure is simple, and bearing capacity of unit volume is higher, the product, long life, high efficiency, low noise, low temperature.

Planetary transmission mechanism is usually all heavy applications of impact load and impact the ideal choice. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, chemical industry, building materials, engineering machinery, lifting, port, belt transportation niche of the ship.